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On Thursday, Liverpool were confirmed as the champions of 2019–2020 Premier League with the loss of Manchester City to Chelsea for 2-1. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said that his club’s chase to secure the third consecutive title lacked the passion in the previous leagues. Whereas Liverpool was passionate about the game and they played every game as they are playing their last match.

Liverpool became the champions of Premier League after 30 years of waiting. They have been leading on the table with huge points and have only lost in one match. City lacked the drive that was shown by Reds which held them back of winning the title. Guardiola has also pointed out that the club has brought back eight domestic trophies to the club in the past years.

We won eight titles in a row which had never happened before in this country. It can happen to miss one. We lost Vincent Kompany to Anderlecht and had Aymeric Laporte injured,” said Guardiola.
Guardiola told that after winning the title they have lost the passion which Liverpool now has. City has been lacking consistency on their games, meanwhile, Liverpool has regained the confidence by winning the Champions League title. They played every game was like their last game which City didn’t do at the beginning of the campaign.
Guardiola congratulated Reds on winning the league title. There are still five to six weeks left for the tournament to end. City has won a lot in the last few years and they are second in the table which shows that they are better than other clubs in the league.
The former manager of Barcelona has replied positively to the club’s loss to Chelsea on Thursday. He said that the team played well in the match but there were are some critical mistakes which led to the loss.
Manchester City’s next match is against Newcastle on Thursday and next Thursday the club will be facing Liverpool as this match will give them to restore their hurt pride.