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Manchester city midfielder Samir Nasri has said that he has given the perfect response to the criticism from the Arsenal fans that he went to Manchester City only to get more money.

Samir Nasri won his first league title in England with Manchester City. It is his first season at the club and he has been able to celebrate it with a major trophy. At Arsenal, though, Samir Nasri spent several seasons without a win achieving even a single trophy success. Following his £ 25 million move to Manchester City in the summer, many fans criticised him for choosing money over football.

Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri revived the hopes of his club winning the title at the end of the season ahead of Manchester United after scoring the 2-1 win over Chelsea on Wednesday night.

Former Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri believes that his former club is too obsessed with winning beautifully and feels that is the main reasons that they have not won any silverware for the last seven seasons.

Nasri felt frustrated at the lack of silverware at the Emirates Stadium and that was one of the major reasons he forced a move to the cash rich Manchester City last summer.