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Samir Nasri has been performing for Manchester City since August of 2011 and ever since then, he has managed to make over 20 appearances except for the 2015-16 season where the French player sustained a tendon injury which kept him out of action for around 5 months.

The problem that Samir Nasri is experiencing in Manchester City is the fact that he is not an indispensable player at the Etihad Stadium. The French midfielder is a player that gets consistent playing time in the pitch but he is not a key figure.

With Manuel Pellegrini, the main role of Samir Nasri was a backup option more than anything else.

Ever since Samir Nasri signed his 4 year contract with Manchester City in 2011, he has lost the fire that he showed back with Arsenal.

That same fire that allowed him to score goals on a consistent basis as well as provide his teammates with assists.

Nasri was named as the France Football French Player of the Year on December of 2010 as he was rewarded for the impressive performances that he was displaying during that year but things have not been the same for him.

He manages to do average performances with Manchester City but that spark that Nasri used to have back with Arsenal is not as bright as it was some time ago.

It’s now rumored that Pep Guardiola does not really have Nasri in his plans and it’s possible to see the French midfielder out of Manchester City if the club receives an offer for him.

Due to overweight issues, Nasri did not play against Bayern Munich or against Borussia Dortmund but Pep Guardiola has stated that Samir Nasri is working extremely hard to shed the extra pounds that he gained in the past few weeks as he wants to be in his best shape and maybe make the impressive performances which he showed back with Arsenal where he attracted the attention of top clubs.