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The successful player, Marko Arnautovic has been given the green permission to play against the Crystal Palace and even in this match, Samir Nasri is going to miss out playing.

Although the forward from Austria had given one of his best performances for the team, he is yet to be recovered from the leg injury, more specifically a bruise that also kept him off the game that was played the most recently.

“The last time Samir Nasri played was on January 19, when the team had faced 2-0 defeat against the Bournemouth team “ and from then on he had been nursing an injury in the calf. According to the boss of the team, he is a player that is the difference between the side and the team that they play against, and it is vital to ensure that he recovers in time for the next game and he is an important asset for the “team in the remaining “ part of the season.

Manuel Lanzini who had also been nursing an injury is set to return to the team and this is positive news to the team. It can to some extent alleviate the absence of Samir Nasri. Pellegrini confirmed that Lanzini would just require another 14 days of rest approximately, and then he would face the upcoming match against Fulham with complete fitness and would be at his best then. About Jack Wilshere, the boss is not very sure about the return of the player for the upcoming games and he believes that there would be some players who would be fit in time and some of the players would not make it to the games until the end of the season perhaps.