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Apart from losing to Bayern Munich almost consecutively each time they face them in the knockout stages of the Champions League, the Gunners now seem to have graduated to the ugly stage of losing their talents as well whether experienced in the case of want a way Alexis Sanchez or promising this time Serge Gnabry.

In Samir Nasri, Robin van Persie and Cesc Fabregas, the Gunners can be said to have lost a fair share of their talents over the years to both direct and sdistant rivals.

SergeGnabry after failing to make it to the list of players trusted enough by Wenger to lead the next generation of Gunners, promptly returned to his home country Germany and join Werder Bremen.

After topping the scoring charts in the men’s football games at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics last summer, Werder Bremen believed serge was not being utilized to his full potential. The 11 league appearances he managed to garner throughout his stay at the Emirates lays a valid claim to such.

Come the end of his first Bundesliga season though and the prodigy racked up an impressive 11 goals in 27 league appearances. Even if that must have alerted Arsenal that maybe the German left sooner than he should have, they clearly did not act fast enough to prevent the Bayern Munich from performing what can pretty much be referred to as a compulsive obligation to snap up any youngster that undergoes an impressive season without even waiting to pause and check if such is needed in the first place.

Luckily for Serge, Arjen Robben’s decline curve and Diego Costa’s wanting out means he has a chance to make it big in Bavaria and just maybe help Bayern beat Arsenal again should they meet in next season’s Champions League knockout. Oops they didn’t even qualify for the group stages.